the look of appropriate, approachable tech

lumi thera l300


We learned that opthamologists and optometrists like their tools to convey capability, precision, and sophistication.  As a startup, Lumi Thera needed to make a debut in the eye device segment. Our client asked us for a visual style appropriate for the eye doctor's office.  My team looked at the evnviroment [and users] and presented a style that we felt aligned the L300's design language to speak to opthamologists as well patients.  This new language for Lumi Thera created a slight change in traditional opthamology product appearance: we made the patient side more soft, friendly, and inviting.  The doctor side is clean, crisp and tech-forward.      

UX, UI, AND ID   The L300 design speaks to it's revolutionary treatment.  Among it's peer devices this L300 is more inviting, and it's user interface is sophisticated and user oriented.

completed 2017

Design Director

for PCS


e1 concept.jpg
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